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what happened to rian’s actress story line

like why does she even care enough to steal hyesungs song, the jealousy thing is such a shoddy reason because that’s what we have the arc with yoojin for, whereas the song was for the sake of making people hate her play team hyesung. LOW BLOW MAN. 

and like how does jb go from i hate chu you stalker to i love you forever within one episode my god he goes to such great lengths for her too and i must have missed the turning point big time. sure they poked at the storyline but seriously it happened pretty suddenly. because up until now the focus was on jb/rian with hyesung being delusional

are they going to continue to victimize hyesung for the sake of drama because its getting pretty dry watching her be the damsel in every episode. we have a great sassy perfect actress, and a relatively well written character (at the beginning at least) and now we’ve reduced her to a teary mess. good god

i miss last seasons hyemi/baekhee give/take win/lose dynamic which got you rooting for both characters

because hyesung so far is such a dull character her only conflict is that she has no talent but they’re too stupid to go far with that she’s not good, but she’s not bad. as in she’s fixable OH AND ALSO SHE CAN SONGWRITE SO SHE’S NOT THAT BAAAAD. dream high writers are pansy. give her a flaw and stick with it j f c.

and then poor siwoo who was supposed to be a lead has gotten less screentime than jyp.

im confused as to who the lead LEAD is i really am.

because if you’re supposed to be rooting for the lead. i’m not. i’m totally rooting for rian and yoojin rn jb and hyesung can just go cry and whine about not having talent and be passive aggressive together

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