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901106 ♥;

another year has passed by with you, and i want you to know that i am very proud of you. i know my love hasn’t changed in the past year, but i feel as if it has gotten stronger. wu fan, you are my inspiration, my motivation in life. if it wasn’t for you i probably wouldn’t have been able to keep going. i would have given up, but i didn’t because you are always there for me. you give me hope that everything will be okay. if i could, i want to thank you for all the strength you have given me in my time of need. whenever i’m sad, i just remember your beautiful, gorgeous smiles and remember you will always be there.when i saw you at kcon this year, it made my life complete, because you give me one of your smiles in person. wu fan, i want to thank you once again for everything you’ve given me i wish you and the rest of exo the best of luck in the future.

happy birthday ❤ li jiaheng

jyp trainees | win: who is next, ep. 4, 130913

sissi | do not edit.

kyungsoo having too much fun with confetti 




ok what how warm is it in korea because la summer nights are like 70 degrees

me after seeing exo live

Two whole weeks of a very Special Kris…

Title: Falling Slowly (KCON LA)
Artist: Chanyeol
Plays: 11889
Chanyeol singing "Falling Slowly" at KCON LA 13

when people trade exo for teen top