i just put things here dont even bother this is not a pretty tumblr about me


yay a fun and cool blog about my korea trip this last january


An agency representative stated that “it had started out as a close sunbae/hoobae relationship which developed into a crush as of late, and they are now at the beginning stages (of their relationship),” therefore confirming that the two idols are indeed a couple.
source: naver news | trans: fy-exo 
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lmao i fucking love this bye

baekhyun’s a hero

i hate two types of people in this world


and people with no loyalty

lol i regret not buying more in korea because even though it was hella expensive, the clothes were so much trendier.

american clothes bl0wz

u r a drunk instagrammer and i can really relate to that


reasons why Jongin is the ultimate bias list ruiner

sehun bundling himself up

Baekhyun: “I heard you took cooking classes”

Kyungsoo: *giggles*

bye felicia